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Your thumbnail, description, title and tags will be translated to the new language, SEO parameters will be automatically added to your Youtube video.

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Ensure high engagement – communicating with your new audience in their native language using our proprietary technology with custom double-side translation and ready-made templates.

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What are the
benefits of using UpTube

Turn one video into multiple videos and capture
every bit of traffic in your niche around the world.

Get several times more profit from one video

The fastest way to get a new video is to dub it

The most important thing for promoting on Youtube is the frequency of video uploads, it's easy with Uptube

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And much more...


languages to dubb your videos


realistic voices in all popular dialects and accents

Cloud based

Cloud based - works perfectly on Windows, Mac and Linux

Instant previews

Instant previews

Thumbnail Translation

Get thumbnail translation for the new video

Free transcription

Free Transcribe + Punctuation

Keep Background Music

Keep your original video's background music

High quality

1080 FHD, 2k, 4k quality videos

Example of
5-Minutes Crafts

Did you know that they have 10 other channels in different languages?

  • Spanish
    16 million subscribers
  • Portugese
    15 million subscribers
  • Arabic
    15 million subscribers
  • Indonesian
    15 million subscribers
  • Russian
    9 million subscribers
  • Vietnamese
    6 million subscribers
  • Turkish
    5 million subscribers
  • Hindi
    2 million subscribers
  • French
    2 million subscribers
  • German
    2 million subscribers
  • Italian
    1 million subscribers

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Create Your successful channel in another languages

Dub your videos into 100+ new languages in minutes

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You get a new video + additional functions that are needed for promoting it on YouTube

Up to now, video dubbing has been very expensive and only large Youtube channels have been using this unique opportunity.

Thanks to Uptube, video dubbing is available to all Video Creators now! No need to spend a lot of money and wait for weeks until a new video is ready. With the help of Uptube you will get the result in a matter of minutes.

Dubb by
1-5 $/min
Dubb by
50-150 $/min
Dubb by
100-250 $/min

Our CEO will eat his hat

...if you find another tool that lets you do all these things

  • Dub your Youtube videos in any language within minutes
  • Get unique thumbnail translation for your new video
  • Use it on Windows, Mac and Linux. We’re cloud-based!
  • Access 100+ languages, dialects and 700+ voiceovers for dubbing your videos
  • Communicate with your new audience in their native language
  • Access new AI technology for YouTube channel growth
  • Keep original background music/sounds of your videos
  • Add SEO parameters to your Youtube video automatically. We do it for you
  • Get a Free protection for all of your Youtube videos